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Matlab files in this directory:

 mars_armwrapper function for MarsBaR marmoire object
 mars_arm_callservices callbacks from marmoire object set functions
 mars_armoiremultifunction function to get/set various stores of stuff
 mars_blob2roisaves ROI for cluster in xSPM structure, containing point pt
 mars_blob_menuputs up ROI menu to add to SPM results interface
 mars_blobs2roiscreates ROIs from spm_results_ui SPM
 mars_build_roibuilds ROIs via the SPM GUI
 mars_display_roiutility routines for display of ROIs in graphic window
 mars_get_optionGet option subfield as named by ``varargin``.
 mars_image_scalingget image scaling data for images, maybe via SPM design
 mars_img2roiscreates ROIs from cluster image or image containing ROIs defined by unique nos
 mars_new_spacemake a new image space to contain image with rotations etc
 mars_optionsoptions utility routines
 mars_orthviewsDisplay Orthogonal Views of a Normalized Image
 mars_rois2imgcreates cluster or number labelled ROI image from ROIs
 mars_structmultifunction function for manipulating structures
 mars_uifilewrapper for matlab uiputfile/getfile; to resolve version differences
 mars_utilscollection of useful utility functions for MarsBaR etc
 mars_vol_checkFORMAT [samef, msg, chgf] = mars_vol_check(V1, V2, ...)
 mars_vol_utilscollection of useful utility functions for vol structs
 marsbarStartup, callback and utility routine for Marsbar
 savestructsaves data in structure as variables in .mat file

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