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Matlab files in this directory:

 add_trial_fmethod to add trial-specific F contrasts
 apply_filterapplies filter in design to data
 autocorrmethod to report lack of autocorrelation options for SPM99
 bf_dtmethod returns length of time bin for basis functions
 block_colsmethod gets design columns for block (session / subject)
 block_rowsreturns cell array of rows for each (subject/session) block
 can_mars_estimatemethod returns 1 if design can be estimated in MarsBaR
 compute_contrastscompute and return stats
 convert_volsmethod that converts vol structs in design and converts to format 'ver'
 design_volreturns vols in appropriate format for saving in design
 estimateestimate method - estimates GLM for SPM99 model
 event_colsmethod gets design columns for single event
 event_onsetsmethod gets (estimated) onsets and durations for event/session
 event_regressormethod gets estimated regressor for single event
 event_specsmethod to return event specifications for all event in model
 event_x_firmethod to return FIR design matrix columns for session
 fillfills missing entries from SPM FMRI design matrix
 fwhmmethod returns FWHM, or empty if not available
 get_imagesmethod to get image vols from design
 has_autocorrreturns 1 if object contains autocorrelation specification
 has_filterreturns 1 if object contains filter
 has_imagesreturns 1 if design contains images
 mardo_2method to convert SPM2 design to SPM99 design
 mardo_99class constructor for SPM99 MarsBaR design object
 mars_spm_graphGraphical display of adjusted data
 modalitymethod returns modality of design
 save_spmmethod to save design as SPM format design structure
 set_imagesmethod to set image vols into design
 trmethod returns TR in seconds, or empty if not available
 typereturns SPM version string corresponding to design type
 ui_buildmethod to create / fill design via GUI
 ui_get_eventmethod to select an event
 ui_get_filtermethod to get filter via GUI
 ui_reportmathod for SPM99 design reporting
 ui_report_fmriInteractive review of fMRI design matrix

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